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Process Design

"Barb is a deep process innovation expert who is able to drive to clarity amid the most ambiguous situations. She can take the most messy and confusing issues and bring logical sequencing, creative problem solving, and ultimately a superior solution. I would work with Barb anywhere, anytime."

Problem Solving

"Barb is able to get to the bottom of a problem and pulls the string until the crux of an issue has been addressed. Her ability to listen to teams and sniff out the real problem is top notch, saves time, and delivers results. When it comes to sheer ability, curiosity, and commitment, Barb knocks it out of the park every time."


"Barb does the groundwork and it shows. She brings outside information and research, marries that with how the company works, and enables teams to get to agreements even when they see no solution. Teams love to involve her for her neutral, results‑oriented approach."
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Barb brings over 30 years of expertise in enterprise operations and transformational initiatives in a variety of challenging business environments. She is passionate about improving teamwork and results with sustainable, human processes.

Her diverse experiences at Nike and Intel include business operations, product management, new product development, and manufacturing. During her 14 years at Nike, she led the process innovation of Nike's seasonal workflow from strategy through launch. Barb holds an MBA from University of Oregon and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering.

She's known for:

  • Designing and improving processes for new capabilities and increased capacity
  • Facilitating problem-solving across functions and teams using an agile approach
  • Applying and coaching best practices in problem solving, process design, and facilitation